In this page we will try to introduce the traditional danish cuisine, as well as the international noveau cuisine to our customers.

Our first suggestion, is a mix of two traditional danish summer dishes:
Smoked Mackerel and 

In these hot summerdays, this is an ideal suggestion for an easy and light meal on the terasse.
1 slice of dark ryebread
1/2 side of smoked mackerel
with all bones and skin removed.
4 parts of smoked fresh cheese (rygeost) without cumin.
1 part sour cream
2 parts sliced radishes
2 parts chopped chives
a tuch of salt and pepper

Top with:
Chopped chives
Sliced radishes
To be enjoyed with either
Not too dry whitewine (German Mosel or Rhine)
A bottle of beer, not too dark (GREEN TUBORG)
and a small glass of 
Aquavit (Norwegian LINIEAQUAVIT straight fom the freezer)
My personal rating:
+ + + + + +
Please enjoy.