-The time correct "D"-shaped rear lights have been fitted, but not without trouble, as break lights and indicator lamps go into the same one-filament bulb. (photo will follow).
-New tires and tubes have been ordered in England, and we are just waiting to get the exsisting old, very hard tires, changed for some new soft  ones.
My dream of getting Dunlop Racing 5.50x18 tires have been cancelled, as Dunlop only manufacture these racing tires once a year and the 2012 production has already been sold out. As we entirely use the MG SA for road use, it is not the big issue.
The new tires have been fitted, what a relief to get new B.F.Goodrich tires, it drives much better with new soft tires .

I am searching a steering wheel horn button + gear lever shifting coulisse for a 1937 MG SA.


No projects is planned as it is virtually perfect. 

Zora Arkus-Duntov labelled the 1973 Corvette as the most  harmonious Corvette C3, with the sleek aerodynamic front and the classic Kamm rear end.

1966 MG B ROADSTER - BA 34.536

-The time correct black enamel plates "BA 34.536" have now been fitted. This specific number belonged to my late father-in-law´s old Tartan Red MG B back in the sixties, and it is as a tribute to him I chose this number. I intend also to make a "fake" factory-style black vinyl plate for the bonnet. In Denmark this is illegal, so if You meet a zealous police officer, You can be fined 1.000,- Dkr. for documentary fraud. But as I have been driving since 1985 with the white vinyl plate, without getting into trouble, I´ll take the chance again.
-I have also changed the hood, to be used during summer, I finally chose the original vinyl hood instead of the more luxurious mohair hood, but I will keep the original Glacier White Works Hard Top for competition use.
-The centre-lock minilites have been cleaned and painted, so they look like new, and have been fitted with new soft 195/60x14 Yokohama 048R-slicks for club racing. I was a bit worried, that they would scratch against the wheel arches, as the old "Yokohama-008R" were one size narrower: 185/60x14, but the new ones fitted perfect, and passed my "winding-road-test".
I have dismantled the "SMITHS" tachometer entirely, in order to eliminate a curious sound from inside it; this is my first instrument overhaul, so I was very carefull, when taking it apart. Now I have cleaned and polished it, lubricated all moving parts, and painted the housing inside and out, and it now looks like new, and it spins with no sounds at all. But allthough I carefully marked the position of the needle against the housing, when releasing it below the resting pin, the calibration is way out;  showing 100km/t when only doing aprox. 60 km/t. I will now have to recalibrate the needle, untill it is spot on. And this only can be done, by driving behind my wife in the Honda driving exactly 60 km/t on the GPS. 
-Summer projects will be refitting of bumpers with all the old Lucas spotlights, Halda Speedpilot, Halda Twinmaster, and a map light, to make it suitable for historic rally + a complete new interior is also due.

Just happened to come across an original 1965 Heuer stopwatch on the Græsted Veterantræf yesterday. this will go direct into the rally equipment on the MGB.
So now I am searching for an original aprox. 1960-65 Heuer Clock to pair the stopwatch with.
Yours truly and co-driver Lars-Christian Brask, arriving at the finish, as class winners in the GOOD-YEAR CLASSIC RALLY. To the left are Race Directors, the outright winners of Monte Carlo Historique 2002; Britta & Otto Kristensen, Lancia Fulvia HF.

1978 VW 1303 LS 1.8 BEETLE CONVERTIBLE - DJ 67 360

The VW has a 1.8  100 bhp. engine, ventilated disk brakes from a Porsche and 5.5 x 15 polished magnesium original Porsche Fuchs wheels. It has a Sonnenland dark blue fabric hood (no vinyl) and tinted electric operated windows.
-We have now decided to give the Beetle Convertible a big overhaul.
As it is almost 27 years since we last did some major work on it, it now needs attention.
We intend to change the colour from the ordinary BMW "Mauritiusblau Metallic" to Porsche "Meteorgrau Metallic Pearl".The car will be handed over to the bodyshop on friday the 18-05-12. with an estmate of 4-6 weeks of work, and after that, it goes to the paint shop. As a part of the restoring, I want a Brabham Exhaust, as this has a very pleasant note. I just do not know where to purchase it, but I will keep on searching on the internet.
After a major bodywork on the beetle, it is finally ready to go to the paintshop.
We have been shopping in Sweden at "VW Custom & Speed Parts" in Hyllinge. New brake discs, new door and side trims, new rubber mouldings to seal between body and chassis, new rubber seals for the fenders, new running boards plus a lot of fittings.
As I have not succeded in finding a "Brabham" exhaust, we tend to buy a "Sebring" exhaust from "Memminger" in Germany.
An engine rebuild, is needed, it has been totally dismantled, and is currently being rebuilt with all the best parts. We have ordered a set of 45 IDA Webers from U.S.A. Plus a set of Mahle cylinders and pistons.
All metal parts on the engine has been black coated. 
FORMER COLOUR: BMW Mauritius Blau Metallic. Hood: Dark Blue Sonnenland fabric.

PRESENT COLOUR: Porsche Metorgrau Metallic Pearl. Hood: Black Sonnenland fabric. Hood Cover. Wine red fabric.

Engine under construction. Still missing the new Webers.

1988 VW PASSAT GT - FB 34 771

-The Passat is constantly running.
-The VW Passat GT has never officially been imported to Denmark, as the price was almost double-up to a standard Passat 1.6 CL. (List price in Denmark: 395.000 Dkr. = 53.500 EUR in 1988 =  ).

-Only modifications: Lowered 20m.m. and fitting of 7"x16" alloy wheels and Bilstein shocks.
-Darkened rear lights and rear spoiler are standard for the GT model.
-A detail, that I cannot verify, is the the attractive red stribe around the car. In all official VW catalogues, and litterature this stribe is silver, but these red stribes are moulded into the bumpers and side protectors, and not "glued" on.
-The interior is now as good as new; a wonder product called  "LEATHER RECOLOUR" from "CATHIEL-CHEMIE", really does the job extremely well, can recommend this product to all, who has a leather interior. for recolouring / maintenance or just touch-up.  A++++.
-In October the car went through MoT without any comments.
-BILSTEIN adjustable shocks, new HELLA front lights, has been fitted.
-Spring project is polishing / painting all the different parts in the engine bay. And a "Tectyl" treatment to prevent rust in the chassis

We only use the Passat as a reserve (hobby) car, when our daily drivers are being serviced, and leisure driving.
It is a relatively rare car especially in this condition, being a rustfree, accident free, low mile, one owner, with lots of extras, found deep down in Bavaria.

I am searching a set of time correct 16" aluminium wheels from either "Treser" or "Nothelle".

Fog lights and white front indicators are standard. Note the GT-emblems in the place of the side indicators.

Allmost silver jubilee - 24 years old - it is difficult to see.

The original leather seats, after treatment with "Leather-Recolour".



2006 HONDA ACCORD TYPE S - XY 55 679

My daily driver, and the best car I have ever had.
Bought new in 2006 and never any trouble, only service checks.

 Lowered and mounted with 18" black anodized wheels.
Despite otherwise stated by the factory, I have measured the top speed via the GPS to  252km/h on the Autobahn near Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, and still have it saved as Vmax on the GPS  
After travelling around Europe 310.000 km. in 6 years the Honda will now go into pension. 

2012 CITROËN DS5 - HF 37 077

I never imagined a Citroën standing in my driveway, but after having seen the brand new Citroën DS5 during our summer vacation, I just fell for the daring design  . And as time has come for a new staff car in the company, I decided to give it a try. Time will show if the quality will fulfill my expectations  .
To emphasize the futuristic design, I decided to mount the summer tires on 19" alloy rims, and I find they suit the car very well. I will then use the original 17" alloys for Michelin Alpin winter tires.
After 4 months, only one issue has turned up; in some cases, the built in GPS has difficulty finding some destinations. Citröen is aware of this problem, and as soon as the problem has been solved, I was promised to get a free (plug in) update.
Citröen is really on their marks in the premiun class.
Like BMW and Audi, they have now given the DS5 a free two day plug-in update (GPS and master computer), and free exchange of parts, that might have caused trouble; aprox. 10 parts around the car have been exchanged or brought up to date.